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SenseThunder-E and SenseThunder-E Mini Thermal Facial Recognition Reader

Product Description

The SenseThunder-E high-precision infrared thermal temperature screening solution is powered by SenseTime’s leading computer vision and deep learning algorithms. It can accurately and efficiently match the detected temperature with the corresponding profile, thus replacing manual registration and improving operational efficiency. The SenseThunder-E’s contactless temperature screening and alert capabilities are effective in detecting suspected fever cases in crowds and managing foot traffic flow in indoor environments.

Product Highlights

-Fast with a long screen range (0.5m – 2m) for shorter waiting times and queues
-Accurate (±0.3℃)
-Easy to set up (no black body required)

Product Features

-Output to external monitor available for better viewing and monitoring (SenseThunder-E only)
-2 temperature screening deployment options: Standalone pole quick temperature screening or facial recognition-enabled ACS integration
-Denies access when an individual has a fever or is not wearing a face mask
-Detects > 10,000 points across the forehead to screen the area with the highest temperature
-Option to integrate with government-mandated solutions (such as SafeEntry for Singapore) or self-hosted contact tracing solutions
-Hassle-free contactless detection; adapts to different heights
-Screens temperatures over a longer range than a regular ear thermometer to reduce infection risks