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#LangkahECSPeduli Small Action is Matter

Measuring the meaning of giving, ECS Indo Jaya throws a social activity at 3 places such as Dharma Bakti Kindergarten Yogyakarta, Boro Kulonprogo Nursing Home, and Hanna Kota Yogyakarta Nursing Home.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we give the kids and the elder for their needs. For the kids, we give a gift set for the kids containing a book, a drawing book, and milk. We also provide the kindergarten’s library with new books.

On August 16, Mr. Donny and the team as representatives of ECS Indo Jaya gave the elderly needs they requested such as a lightbulb, adult diapers, and food. By providing for their needs and initiating activity, we hope the small moment we create can have an impact on society.