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Eaton : New Partnership Annoucement

PT. ECS Indo Jaya Strengthens Its Offerings with New Partnership Agreement with Eaton

As one of the leading IT distributors in Indonesia, PT. ECS Indo Jaya (ECS) is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Eaton, a global leader in power management. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in ECS’s mission to provide innovative and reliable solutions to businesses across Indonesia.

“We are excited about the partnership with Eaton. With Eaton’s decades-long expertise in power management and our vast distribution network throughout Indonesia, we will bring a great benefit to customers in Indonesia, we will bring a great benefit to customers in Indonesia. The partnership expands our product offerings and further strengthen our positionas as a trusted distributor and partner in the country. We’re also thrilled with our appointment as an exclusinve distributor 5A UPS Advantage series and looking forward to work with Eaton in ensuring Indonesian home office owners, entrepreneurs, and creative have access to high quality, reliable, and affordable power solutions,” said Husin Tjandera, Director of PT. ECS Indo Jaya.

“Power outages can pose challenges for individuals and businesses alike. These outages can significantly disrupt daily routines and have an undesirable effect on home-based or small businesses,” said Putra A. Mudzakir, Country Manager at Eaton Indonesia. “We believe that a reliable UPS solution will help empower small businesses and ensure a consistent power supply, protecting against power outages, voltage fluctuations and surges.”

Through this partnership, ECS will expand its portfolio to include Eaton’s innovative uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. Today, ECS also launched the 5A Advantage Series UPS, an exclusive product and the latest addition to its industry-leading uninterruptible power supply lineup. Designed for everyday consumers, the 5A UPS is suitable for residences, small businesses, creatives, and recreational gamers seeking a reliable and affordable UPS solution.
The 5A Advantage Series UPS offers affordable and reliable line-interactive technology. Users can ensure seamless power backup, including a cold start capability that powers devices directly from the UPS. It provides surge protection, circuit breaker protection, and automotive voltage regulation (AVR) for data and equipment safety. Additionally, it offers versatile outlet formats (DIN, NEMA Universal, Universal) in a compact size for easy connection to any equipment. These features help maintain productivity, mitigate financial setbacks, and protect against data and revenue loss.

Together with Eaton, ECS will support the increasing demand for power management and distribution across a diverse range of industries.