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PulseSecure: Ensuring Work from Home Access Security

Dear our valued partner or customer,

As your company takes action to reduce COVID-19 health crisis risks, how can you improve work from home and mobile accessibility – and mitigate security and compliance exposures?

PT ECS Indo Jaya & Pulse Secure are committed to supporting our customers. Our Pulse Cares program offers temporary licenses for Pulse Connect Secure so you employees can continue to stay safe and productive

Why Pulse Secure
Our solution, Pulse Connect Secure, offers the most robust set of secure remote access capabilities that works with your existing infrastructure and security ecosystem. Designed for fast and easy deployment, our solution supports the broadest range of acceptable use policy with robust endpoint and application support. Best of all, it can be quickly activated and scaled-out running in virtual, Azure or AWS cloud environments – no hardware or client software required.

About Pulse Secure
Pulse Secure is trusted by more than 23,000 enterprises, public service organizations and service providers to enable easy, reliable and scalable secure access for the data center and multi-cloud.

We would welcome to support your organization in this time of need.