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SOLIDserver™ Appliance Suite

Efficient IP

Simplify & Secure Your Network!

SOLIDserver™ suite of appliances is designed to deliver high-performance IPAM-DNS-DHCP services, network automation and user-to-application traffic routing. SOLIDserver™ platforms provide vital benefits for reliability, resiliency and security of mission-critical network services and management.

SOLIDserver™ 50

Designed for deployment in local offices (DNS-DHCP only)

SOLIDserver™ 2270

Designed for deployment in medium to large-sized enterprises

SOLIDserver™ 270

Designed for deployment in small enterprises or branch offices

SOLIDserver™ 3370

Designed for deployment in large enterprises, data centers and service provider environments

SOLIDserver™ 570

Designed for deployment in small to medium-sized enterprises

BLAST™ 4070 - 5070 - 5570

Designed for high performance and DNS security, large enterprises and ISPs.

SOLIDserver™ 1170

Designed for deployment in medium-sized enterprises.

SOLIDserver™ 7070

Designed for large IPAM services with numerous objects to manage