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Pure Storage: Ten Ways Pure’s Flash Solution Can Help You Succeed

Ten Ways Pure’s Flash Solution Can Help You Succeed


1. Save 30%

That’s how much you can save in TCO over any competitor, just by avoiding storage re-buys with Pure Storage®. And the savings just get better. No fine print, no asterisks needed.

2. No more data migrations

We work around your data when you need upgrades. There’s no planned downtime: Deploy once, upgrade in place—software or hardware (or both).

3. Peace of mind

SaaS-like subscriptions, anchored by Pure’s renowned Evergreen™ solution, mean no hidden costs to sabotage your budget. Get modular, software-defined architecture, legitimate Right-Size and Love-Your-Storage Guarantees, and proactive support. And by the way, Pure’s FlashArray is at six nines, including upgrades.

4. Less filling

Check out the physical space storage takes up in your data center. With Pure, put at least twice the data into that same space—and up to 15 times the data versus spinning disk.

5. Engineered for NVMe

Forget the trade-offs and compromises of legacy storage. The entire Pure product line is NVMe-based. You get the latest technology faster and more easily, without disruptions.

6. No rebuying storage

Pure’s Evergreen Program is unique in offering included and on-demand controller upgrades with full credit for hardware trade-ins. You even get credit when swapping out old flash for newer, higher density versions.

7. No ugly surprises

Don’t like it when maintenance costs suddenly go up? With Pure, what you pay in year one is what you’ll pay in year 10 when you have an active Evergreen subscription. Pure’s white-glove support is the envy of the industry, as is its proactive approach: Pure generates more than half of support tickets on behalf of customers.

8. 65% better TCO

Add up all the savings: No re-buys, no migrations, lower management and space costs. Then do the apples-to-apples comparison. The numbers tell a story of their own. The Pure advantage is clear.

9. The smile factor

Pure’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) runs about 60 points above the industry average.

10. Pure choice

Get Pure’s portfolio as a product or a service, on-prem, hosted, and in the public cloud. No matter how it lives in your hybrid cloud, it’s unified with one Purity and Pure1 set of data services, and one Pure as-a-Service subscription.


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