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CloudEngine S12700E Series Switches

CloudEngine S12700E enables wired and wireless convergence, full-stack openness, and smooth upgrades at the core layer of high-end campus networks. As flagship core switches in Huawei’s CloudCampus portfolio, this series enables you to create simplified, intelligent campus networks centered on service experience.

Product ModelCloudEngine S12700E-4CloudEngine S12700E-8CloudEngine S12700E-12
Forwarding Performance14,400 Mpps28,800 Mpps43,200 Mpps
Switching Capacity219.2 Tbps/28.8 Tbps38.4 Tbps/57.6 Tbps57.6 Tbps/86.4 Tbps
MPU Slots222
SFU Slots244
Service Card Slots4812
Fan Slots245
Wireless ServicesManages up to 10K APs
AP access control, AP domain management, and AP configuration template management
Radio channel management, unified static configuration, and dynamic centralized management
WLAN basic services, QoS, security, and user management
CAPWAP, tag/terminal location, and spectrum analysis
iPCACollection of real-time statistics on the number of lost packets and packet loss ratio at network and device levels
Super Virtual Fabric (SVF)Up to 10K clients (access switches and APs) virtualized into a single device
Supports a two-layer client architecture
Supports third-party devices between SVF parent and clients
VXLANVXLAN L2 and L3 gateways
Centralized and distributed gateways
Configured through the NETCONF protocol
InteroperabilityVBST (compatible with PVST, PVST+, and RPVST)
LNP (similar to DTP)
VCMP (similar to VTP)