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Cisco Meraki MX Cloud Managed Security & SD-WAN Appliances

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The Cisco Meraki MX Security & SD-WAN Appliances are ideal for organizations considering a Unified Threat Managment (UTM) solution for distributed sites, campuses, or datacenter VPN concentration. Since the Cisco Meraki MX is 100 % cloud managed, installation and remote management are simple.

Cisco Meraki MX has a comprehensive suite of network services, eliminating the need for multi-ple appliances. These services include SD-WAN capabilities, application-based firewalling, content filtering, web search filtering, Cisco Snort-based intrusion detection and prevention (IPS/IPS), Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), web caching, 4G cellular failover and more.

Auto VPN and SD-WAN features are available on our hardware and virtual appliances, configurable in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

The Cisco Meraki MX includes a complete, robust feature set right out of the box. No additional purchase required.

Identity-based Firewall: Automatically assign firewall and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for each class of users.

Intrusion Prevention: Protect critical network resources from the latest security threatsand vulnerabilities.

Auto VPN: Securely connect branch locations using mesh or hub-and-spoke topologies. Provide simple, clientless remote access VPN.

Content Filtering: Block undesirable web content, across 80+ categories, and leverage cloud lookups to filter billions of URLs.

Advanced Malware Protection: Protect your network against malware using the latest threat intelligence, and identify previously unknown malicious files
with retrospective detection.

High Availability & Failover: Provide device and connection integrity through multiple uplinks, warm spare failover, and self-healing VPN.

Application Visibility & Control: Identify which applications are being used, and then prioritize critical apps while limiting recreational apps.

Centralized Management: Seamlessly manage campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments and distributed multi-site networks from a single pane-of-glass.