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PC Luggage

The box surface is made of tough German Covestro PC material, and the three-layer composite compression structure makes the surface more wear-resistant and reduces the marks left by bumps.

Specially designed with a honeycomb dot pattern, which is both beautiful and difficult to scratch. The double-sided vertical strip groove design provides top to bottom mechanical support for the box, and has good impact resistance.

The four-stage design allows people of different heights to freely adjust to a comfortable distance. The thick aluminum alloy rod tube is anodized on the surface to give it a deep black metallic luster, which is resistant to wear and does not fade.

The wheels are made of wear-resistant and highly elastic TPE material, which is soft to the touch and has better load-bearing and shock absorption capabilities. The wheel seat and the support frame are closely fitted to reduce the noise when shaking, and it is still smooth for long-term use.

The 20-inch left side is a U-shaped zipper independent storage bag.

Data cables, keys, mobile power, etc. are well organized to avoid busy business trips. The buckle design is flexible and detachable, no need to worry about pulling the zipper, and it is convenient to unpack and pick up things on the road or during boarding security check to solve the awkwardness of going out to the office.

The 24 “/ 28” right side is an X-shaped belt design

While maximizing the inner volume of the box, the clothes can be effectively fixed to ensure that the clothes in the box are not neatly scattered.

Product Name: Classic Suitcase
Case material: Polycarbonate
Box material: polyester fiber
Product Color: Grey, White, Red, Blue, Black, Navy.
Product size: 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches.