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VMware vSphere

Enterprise Workload Engine for Traditional and Next Gen Apps

VMware vSphere

Harness the Power of Enterprise Workload Optimization. Enhance Workload Performance, Security, and Innovation for Your Business

Product Highlights

Discover a solution designed to optimize data center performance for organizations. With enhanced security features and innovative tools, it accelerates business innovation while ensuring operational efficiency

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Improve your IT productivity and reduce operational expense.

Boost Workload Performance

Power larger AI workloads and optimize performance of GPU resources.

Accelerate Innovation for DevOps

Easily discover, access and deploy DevOps services to run workloads with VMs and containers.

VMware vSphere Features

Solve both traditional and next-gen application challenges effortlessly with our innovative solutions. Whether it's optimizing legacy systems or embracing cutting-edge technologies, we've got you covered. Experience seamless integration and robust performance as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern applications."

Lifecycle Management

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integration

Reduced Planned Downtime for Upgrades

Increase Performance of Larger AI/ML Workloads

Maximize ROI of GPU Resources


vSphere Green Metrics

Get to Know about Your vSphere Editions

Fulfill your company's needs by selecting the vSphere edition tailored to your specific requirements
vSphere Essential Plus
A comprehensive solution designed for small businesses, enabling the virtualization of physical servers and reducing hardware expenses

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vSphere Standard
The leading server virtualization solution in the industry, facilitating data center consolidation and bolstering application availability.

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vSphere Foundation
An enterprise workload engine designed to optimize data centers for organizations of all sizes.

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