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High Capacity Storage by FlashArray//C

Storage Capacity without Compromise

Pure FlashArray//C—the first all-QLC flash array—delivers the NVMe performance, hyper-consolidation, and simplified management your data deserves.

All-Flash for All Workloads

The all-QLC FlashArray//C is so cost-effective for capacity-oriented workloads that you can say goodbye to hard disk drives and hybrid arrays. And FlashArray//X is ideal for performance-oriented workloads. Put them together, and you can manage everything from a single pane of glass in Purity.

Guaranteed Data Efficiency

Pure DirectFlash modules and unique data-reduction technologies combine to deliver the most usable effective capacity. Your capacity-sensitive workloads benefit from the same Purity advanced data services as your most business-critical performance-sensitive workloads.

Highest Reliability, Best Configuration Options

Delivering 99.9999% availability with effective capacity options between 797TB in 3U all the way to 7.3PB in 9U, FlashArray//C is latency-tolerant, designed for availability, and meets the capacity expansion requirements of data-intensive workloads.

Additional Features Included

A 100% non-disruptive architecture with a flexible buying program, Evergreen™ frees you from the complexities, risk, and expensive upgrades of legacy storage. Get all the features of Purity—including ActiveCluster™ synchronous replication over Fibre Channel or Ethernet—at no additional cost.

FlashArray//C Specifications