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Efficient IP – New Partnership

We are ready to do business with you!

Welcoming 2021, We proudly announce our new partnership with Efficient IP.

What Efficient IP do?

EfficientIP enables IP-based communication, simplifies network management and enhances operational efficiency thanks to global visibility, consistency control and smart automation of DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM).

Why Efficient IP?

EfficientIP is the world’s first DDI vendor to have released patented and award-winning innovation features to secure against threats to the DNS infrastructure

Hybrid DNS Engine, which provides 2 different DNS technologies to mitigate zero day vulnerability and eliminate single point of failure

DNS Blast, the world’s fastest DNS server, a patented application that can absorb up to 17 million DNS queries per second to absorb DNS DDoS attacks

DNS Guardian, the only DDI market solution providing adaptive DNS security to ensure 100% continuity of DNS services and protect against data exfiltration

Lets Simplify & Secure Your Network.

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