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VMware Cloud Foundation

Cloud Infrastructure

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation offers several benefits, including simplified deployment and management of cloud infrastructure, increased scalability and flexibility, improved security through policy-based automation, and the ability to run traditional and modern applications seamlessly.

Product Highlights

With our tools and expertise, transform your infrastructure into your own cloud platform. No more reliance on external providers—your data, your rules, your cloud

Modern Infrastructure

Software defined infrastructure delivering cloud consumption experience on-premises.

Cloud Experience for Developers

Automated self-service infrastructure platform to deploy VMs and containers apps for developer agility.

Security and Resilience

Hardened platform offering built in resilience, threat prevention, and fast recovery from disasters

VMware Cloud Foundation Features

It's designed to streamline the deployment and operation of cloud environments, whether they're private clouds within on-premises data centers or hybrid clouds that span both on-premises and public cloud environments.

Industry Leading Storage and Compute

Cloud-Scale Networking

Cloud Management

Cloud Scale Iaas

Automated Provisioning

Intrinsic Security


We can provide a private cloud infrastructure that seamlessly integrates across various cloud endpoints, offering all-in-one and flexible solutions.
Compute by vSphere
Extend the advantages of cloud computing to your on-premises environment by implementing high-value cloud services. Seamlessly build, run, manage, and secure both traditional and next-generation applications with ease.
Storage by vSAN
Experience the revolution in data center storage with VMware vSAN. By harnessing the power of virtualization, it delivers a software-defined solution that seamlessly integrates storage into virtual environments. Say farewell to outdated hardware-based storage systems and embrace the future of storage innovation
Networking by NSX
Unleash network virtualization for agile, secure, and efficient IT. Break free from traditional networking constraints and thrive in the digital age. With VMware NSX, unleash the full potential of your IT infrastructure and stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape
Cloud Management by Aria
Elevating cloud management to new heights. Experience the power of streamlined, intelligent cloud operations that drive agility, scalability, and efficiency. Say hello to a future-proof cloud strategy with VMware Aria.
Data Services by Data Services Manager
Unlock the full potential of your data with VMware Data Service Manager. Streamline data management and maximize efficiency with intelligent insights and automation. Empower your business to thrive in today's data-driven world with VMware Data Service Manager.

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