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SenseThunder-E mini

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SenseThunder-E mini thermal camera is a temperature measurement product
designed based on the thermal imaging technology. Powered by a high-precision uncooled vanadium oxide detector chip, this product provides users with a friendly and long-distance temperature measurement experience.
Based on high-performance face recognition hardware platform of SensePass and
SenseTime’s latest deep learning facial recognition algorithm, SenseThunder-E mini thermal camera can ensure safe and efficient access with a recognition process does not need to remove the mask. It associates the temperature with user’s information automatically, thereby dispense with tedious manual registration. Besides, SenseThunder-E mini provides devices management for users in SenseLink Cloud Platform

Key Features

Temperature measurement
-Temperature Measurement Distance: Up to 1.2m, contactless
-Accuracy: ±0.4℃
-Ambient Temperature: 17~30℃ (no wind & no sunlight)
Face recognition
-20,000 facial images in the local database
-The recognition process doesn’t not need to remove mask
-Prompts of no masker users (you can enable the function “No mask no enter”
in system setting)
-Accessible to the SenseLink platform
-Standard interfaces: RJ45, Wiegand and GPIO

NameSenseThunder E-Mini Thermal 
CharacteristicsFunctionsTemperature measurement & Face recognition & Records
Application ScenariosOffice building & Community & Park entrance
Application Environment Indoor
Temperature MeasurementAccuracy±0.4℃
Distance ≤1.2m
Ambient Temperature17~30℃ (no wind & no sunlight)
Face RecognitionMask RecognitionFace recognition without removing the mask & Mask Detection
Local Facial Image Database20,000
RGB Camera2m pixels
IR Camera2m pixels
Fill-Light IR, 850nm
HCIDisplay Screen 5.5 inches
Touch Screen Capacitive touch screen
Buzzer Built-in
IntsallationAccessoryAccessory for vertical installation and speed-gate